Red Ruby Devon Bull illustration

The Beanhill Herd
Of Red Ruby Devons


Brockweir and Beanhill, on the edge of the magnificent Forest of Dean and nestled between the rivers Wye and Severn are home to the Beanhill Pedigree Herd of Red Ruby Devon Cattle.

Beanhill Farm, in days gone by, was a traditional dairy farm, the Holstein Friesians sadly absent for a number of years. Now though, following a revival in livestock by the current generation of the Taylor farming family, the rich grass is steadily nourishing a growing herd of Red Ruby Devons.

Caswell Farm on the edge of Brockweir is also returning to its livestock roots, having been a riding centre in more recent years. Its natural meadow fields straddling Offa’s Dyke overlook the lower Wye valley and Tintern. The hardy stock live out all year round, calving in the sheltered fields sloping towards the spring fed lake, from which they take fresh water.

After being weaned around 9 months the young cattle graze on the natural meadow grass at Caswell, watered from our spring, until they mature.

The native breed can be traced back to the Longhorns and the Urus, although it is suggested that they have genetic connections with the Red Lincoln, Sussex and Saler breeds.

The ambition for the herd, is to establish, and maintain, a strong local niché market for marbled, succulent beef, of supreme quality.